The NRA’s Three Fundamental Gun Safety Rules

Gun Safety pic
 Gun Safety pic
Gun Safety

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Owners of all gun styles can benefit from a thorough knowledge of certain safety rules, and the NRA outlines three fundamental gun handling safety rules for those who purchase firearms.

The first rule is to always make sure a gun is pointed in a safe direction. A safe direction is one in which no person could be struck by a bullet if the firearm were to accidentally discharge. When determining safe direction, it is important to take into account the potential for ricochets and the fact that bullets can potentially penetrate ceilings and walls.

The second fundamental safety rule is for gun handlers to make sure that their fingers do not touch the trigger until they are ready to fire the weapon. While waiting for the moment to shoot, gun handlers should always rest their fingers on the frame of the gun’s trigger guard, rather than on the trigger itself.

The third and final fundamental safety rule asserts that gun owners should make sure that any gun that is not in use remains unloaded. Chambers should be emptied as soon as a gun owner is finished using the firearm, and should always be visually inspected before a gun is handled or passed to another individual for use.

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